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We offer training and demonstrations for all ages. For BIRTHDAY PARTIES to SUMMER CAMPS to CORPORATE TEAM BUILDING and SCHOOL VISITS, we have martial arts training and demonstrations covered in the metro area.

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Birthday Parties Birthday Parties
Birthday Parties

Are you ready for the best interactive kid's birthday? Our birthday party package is an amazing opportunity for kids or adults to break real boards, play fun games, learn cool karate moves and cut your cake with a real samurai sword! Book your kids karate birthday party today, enjoy 1 ½ hours of martial arts and receive a free martial arts uniform. Have no fear though, we offer party packages of all kinds . . . from KARATE, to DODGEBALL, NERF WARS, and even your favorite COMIC HERO or VILLAIN themed!

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Our Martial Arts All Day Summer Camp is an enriching and exciting solution to your summer needs. Your kids will be immersed in exciting activities that teach respect and self-discipline, while engaging in activity all day — our summer camp program is not just another sports camp.

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Coporate Team Building Coporate Team Building
Coporate Team Building

Let us work with your organization to create a team building program to meet your needs. Our corporate team building program will help you build a passionate, professional team of employees who share a clear vision and will work together for a common goal. The structure of the program can be adapted to meet your needs.

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Performance Martial Arts will come to your school and present a demonstration and participation-based program for school-aged children. This program will emphasize the importance of respect, discipline and an active lifestyle while allowing kids to participate in demonstrations appropriate for their ages and abilities.