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1211 E. 47th Street South

Wichita, Kansas 67216 316-977-8800


We offer classes fit for students of all ages. From KARATE, to KICKBOXING and AIKIDO, to KRAV MAGA or SELF DEFENSE, we have martial arts covered in the metro area. Our class sessions will touch on aspects of each martial arts form, with skills and forms progressing for students of different levels to master!

Be more confident. Be prepared.


Martial arts strengthens your mind, your mood and your muscles. Our mission is to help you build confidence, attitude and a commitment to fitness. We train young metas to be confident committed leaders who succeed in school and life alike!


Contact us for a one-of-a-kind birthday experience! At our KARATE themed party you can cut your birthday cake with a real sword! Have no fear though, we offer party packages  of all kinds . . . from KARATE, to DODGEBALL, NERF WARS, and even your favorite COMIC HERO or VILLIAN themed!